Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ristretto Mont Kiara - Cheater with your discount deal scheme

Is a shame to all good discount hunting bargain, till my friends discover how Ristretto Cafe at Mont Kiara play with their marketing strategy to diversify our view to purchase the deal. I would like to seek refund!

How can they mark-up their Brazillian BBQ set so fast in a year! See it for yourself, is all proved here. I am just a dungu and please Ristretto, don't treat us as a dumb dumb. ; RM 80 ; RM 115! ; RM 133!

The discount percentage grew just to setback on their selling price at RM 49.90, they just mark up their price and we are convinced they are giving us discount.

My friends went to their cafe before the deal. Their peru dish is a failure from so called a chef from Peru. Those who tasted it will know, seriously. Then they moved to brazillian bbq. Errr, simple bbq meat where all can do! got to know the owner of Ristretto is a facebook freak on marketing their facebook fan page.

guess you all don't want to be part of their customer photo album, all is from mydeal customers and they are smart again to make their cafe looks happening by taking advantage of snapping customer pics. We all can see pretty girls there. Is customer privacy and not to be famous in facebook. Is a cheap and lame advertisement.
i dont think all can have bbq at xmas eve and xmas day at ristretto, soon all buyers will complaint.
I am so pissed off with your discount deal offering. feel been cheated and can we get refund?

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  1. Hi Raymond Kong

    Let us explain to you why you are getting a good deal from MyDeal.

    1 Our normal Brazilian BBQ is RM80 nett.

    2 MyDeal Christmas Promotion price is RM49.90nett. However the value of the promotion is RM133.

    3 MyDeal Christmas Promotion comprises of not only one Brazilian BBQ (worth RM80) but also one cocktail (worth RM22), X'mas Cake (Worth RM11) and RM20 off discount voucher for the next visit.

    4 The calculation is as follows: RM80 + RM22 + RM11 + RM20 = RM133

    5 Should you walk in to Ristretto, you will have to pay RM80 with no cocktail, X'mas cake and no RM20 off discount voucher.

    6 In the deal, MyDeal mentioned that this is redeemable from December onwards and is based on a first come first serve basis for reservation.

    7 The reason why the discount percentage is increasing is because we are giving you more items (such as cocktail, X'mas cake and RM20 discount voucher) for the same price.

    8 Pictures taken during our Brazilian BBQ are free of charge and are emailed to our customers for souvenir to share with their friends. Customers may request not to have their pictures on Facebook. Not every customer comes to Ristretto with a camera.

    We hope this clarifies everything.

    Thank you for your feedback.